How to Earn Money from Binance Trading

How to Earn Money from Binance TradingBinance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. As of January 2018, Binance has become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of transaction volume. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao, a developer who previously developed high-frequency trading software

You can complete the registration process quickly and easily by clicking the “Register” button on the top right of Binance’s homepage and entering your email and password. You can quickly become a member of Binance by continuing here. After completing the membership process, you are ready to trade cryptocurrencies.

Binance is a Chinese-origin altcoin exchange where you can trade altcoins. In 2017, when the value of altcoins increased very rapidly, existing exchanges could not keep up with the demand for the market, so memberships were stopped.

Make money  with Binance

Making money with Binance is the easiest way. There are different options within the binance to make money fast. You can buy cryptocurrencies and hold it and sell it when values increase.

There are following points to make money  on binace.

  1. Farm new Tokens by holding BUSD, BNB and other cryptocurrencies by Launchpool of Binance.
  2. You can make money fast by growing your stable coin with Liquid swap of Binance.
  3. Stake your tokens to benefit from by binance staking.
  4. Make money by participating in DeFi Staking.

Binance Launchpool

Binance Launchpool allows crypto users and investors to earn attractive returns in the new token format, while helping quality projects distribute their tokens to a wider audience. It is a complex solution that offers advantages to both users and emerging cryptocurrency projects.

While Binance has always focused on providing added value to users and communities, it helps the ecosystem grow sustainably, supports the growth of projects on DeFi protocols, and strengthens the industry and markets. Launchpool innovatively creates value and liquidity in locked funds, supports payback at any time, and brings flexibility and freedom to investors, users and communities.

So far, the average project at Binance Launchpool (2020 to 2021) provided 24% APY (annualized percentage return) for these participants , while the highest return in the case of CHZ pool for fan token PSG was recorded at 113% APY . This means an additional value of US $ 126.96 million across all projects, assuming each project maintains an average rate of YPY for a full year .

How do projects record growth at this level? When crypto projects choose to offer their tokens through Binance Launchpool, they get the following benefits:

  •  Access to Binance’s marketing resources, listing support and passionate community members.
  •  Links to projects, products, and services in the Binance ecosystem. We encourage collaboration and shared goals.
  •  Accelerated token adoption and increased asset liquidity associated with the Binance ecosystem.
  •  Reduce barriers to entry and equalize opportunities for Launchpool users to invest in potential DeFi protocols; this will then form a significant part of the new project’s user base.
  •  Reliability added by going through Binance review and listing selection criteria

With these various benefits, Binance Launchpool projects have been able to build stronger communities and foundations for projects by increasing both their valuation and the benefits they provide to their supporters. For some of the highest performing tokens on Launchpool, we are talking as much as 86x growth given away free for tokens that are essentially .

Bringing Everyone Together and Growing

The token stake in Binance Launchpool brings added value to their owners, as well as an opportunity for accelerated growth for crypto projects. Here are some references from the leaders of many projects logging into Binance Launchpool.

  1. Reef CEO Denko Mancheski: “Being a part of Binance Launchpool is as close to a time compression as possible! The growth and adoption we experience is on a unique scale. “
  2. Litentry CEO Hanwen Cheng: “The support we receive from Binance Launchpool is unmatched. We’ve uncovered great value that goes beyond traditional booting and we’ve seen the deep, invisible, long-term impact of the BSC ecosystem on us. “
  3. Chiliz CEO Alex Dreyfus: “Launchpool has become a truly game changer for us and for the Fan Token framework we have created. There is no bigger crypto ecosystem in the world than Binance, and the strength of Binance Launchpool is unmatched, as sports and especially football are a global game, but we are still in the early stages. We believe Launchpool helps promote our product to a large user base we were previously unable to reach, and therefore this is a win-win for the entire ecosystem.

Binance Launchpool also benefits the projects behind the tokens used to get shares on the platform. Usage of 14695428 BNB worth $ 3340000000 * and 375.393.773 BUSD on Binance Launchpool, which is compatible with other developments in the Binance ecosystem, has led to new highs in BNB price in February. TVL on Binance Launchpool reached $ 4.64 billion * , including 142,856 BETH worth $ 210.57 million and DOT 21,686,707 worth $ 715.66 million . *

(These tokens are distributed between token pools for Litentry and DODO as of March 3, and some amounts may be reallocated to newer Launchpool projects or other purposes.)

Ultimately, Binance Launchpool made a major contribution to Binance’s overall vision of spreading money freedom to all. How much value has Binance Launchpool created? The platform has earned users $ 529 million * . A total of 408,783 participants have earned these tokens from the 15 projects listed, and this brings various degrees of benefits to their supporters at Launch Pool such as:

  •  Exposure to many promising blockchain projects and tokens.
  •  A utility has been added to the tokens they currently hold on Binance.
  •  The earnings were added by earning the tokens they received from Launchpool and then exchanging them.

Binance liquid swap

Liquid Swap is a liquidity pool developed based on the AMM (Automatic Market Maker) principle. It consists of different liquidity pools, and each liquidity pool contains two digital tokens or fiat assets.You can provide liquidity in the pools to become a liquidity provider and earn transaction fees and flexible interest.Also, you can swap two digital tokens or fiat assets in the liquidity pools easily.

There are two types of Liquid Swap – Stable Investment and Innovative Investment.

  • Stable: Developed with a hybrid constant function automatic market-making system model to realize the transaction and pricing between two stable tokens, and provide a low slippage trading experience. The prices of the two tokens in the pool are affected more by exchange rate/token price fluctuations, and the market-making income is more stable than the Innovative products.
  • Innovative: Developed with a constant mean value automatic market-making system model to achieve transaction and pricing for two digital tokens or fiat currencies. The prices of the two tokens in the pool are affected by the exchange rate/token price fluctuations, and market-making returns fluctuates.

Binance DeFi Staking

Currently, DeFi projects (DApps) have not been fully adopted for two main reasons – lack of public awareness and complicated and non-intuitive user interface. This is why Binance introduced DeFi staking to help proxy users to participate in related decentralized projects. This allows users to access DeFi in a user-friendly and straightforward manner. Without the need to manage private keys, acquire resources, make trades, or perform other complicated tasks required to participate in DeFi Staking. By simply clicking [Stake now], you can participate in DeFi Staking projects and earn high returns easily and safely

You can choose either Flexible or Locked staking and adjusting the duration. You will then see the [Estimated annual percentage yield (est. APY)].

  • “Flexible” allows you to redeem your staked assets at any time. When you choose to redeem, we’ll return your assets to your Spot Wallet the following day.
  • “Locked” refers to staking your assets for a specific time frame. Compared to Flexible Staking, Locked Staking provides higher interests but requires you to lock your assets for the displayed duration. You can still redeem your assets at any time you wish before the end of the locked duration, but you won’t receive any interest generated over your staking period. Your staked assets will be unlocked and returned to your Spot Wallet the following day.

*During the staking period, your assets will be locked on-chain, so you won’t be able to withdraw or perform any transactions with the staked assets.

 There is a minimum required limit for staking, and if your balance is lower than that, you won’t be able to stake. Also, please note that if the total remaining quota of the product is lower than your available balance in your Spot Wallet, you will only be able to purchase the remaining amount for staking.

You can find your staking details from [Wallet] – [Earn] – [DeFi Staking]. Once you staked the product successfully, interest will be calculated starting at 00:00 (UTC) the following day and distributed to your Spot Wallet every day after 00:00 (UTC).

For Locked Staking, when the staking period ends, your staked assets will be redeemed automatically and the funds will be returned to your Spot Wallet.

If you want to redeem your assets before the locked period ends, click [Redeem earlier]. Please note that unlocking your staked assets requires a specific time based on the specifications of the chain you’re staking on. If you redeem your staked assets in advance, you will lose your interest and the interests you have generated will be deducted when your assets are returned.

Risk Warning

Binance strives to offer its users only the best DeFi Mining projects. However, Binance only acts as a platform to showcase projects and provide users with related services, such as accessing funds on behalf of the user and distributing earnings, etc. Binance does not assume liability for any losses incurred due to project on-chain contract security issues.

What are the advantages of DeFi Staking?

  • Easy to use: You don’t need to manage multiple private keys, acquire resources, make trades, or perform other complicated tasks to participate in DeFi Staking. Binance’s one-stop service allows users to obtain generous online rewards without having to keep an on-chain wallet.
  • Funds are safe: Binance selects only the best DeFi projects in the industry and monitors the DeFi system in real-time while it’s running in order to reduce the risks associated with such projects.
  • Higher earnings: The fees required for DeFi Staking are low. Users are able to earn the highest possible returns in the best way, while maintaining the same level of risk.

Does Binance bear the losses if an on-chain contract is attacked during DeFi Staking?

No. Binance only acts as a platform to showcase projects and provide users with related services, such as accessing assets on DeFi projects through a proxy and distributing earnings, etc. Binance does not bear any liability for losses incurred as a result of on-chain contract security.

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