Best Nonexpensive Graphics Cards

Best Nonexpensive Graphics CardsGraphics Cards It allows the information processed by the computer to be reflected on the monitor and at the same time determines the image quality. The image quality depends on the monitor and the graphics card. If your video card is not good, you cannot get a quality image no matter how good your monitor is. The graphics card provides the connection between the monitor and the processor in the formation of shapes such as text, pictures, movies, and graphics. Everything seen on the monitor is information from the video card. The power and memory of the graphics card determine the quality and speed of the image. The higher the RAM memory, memory, and core speed of the graphics cards, the better the image quality you will get. You can clearly see the increase in values ​​such as fluency, vivid and clear colors, and FPS in games. The number of fans of graphics cards is important, but the lack of many fans does not reduce its quality. Fan rotation speed, internal cooling system, and fan silence are important considerations. The silent operation of computer parts is always preferred. Led display cards can also be preferred for in-case lighting and pleasant displays. You can have colorful lighting with hardware that supports this feature without connecting extra LED lighting.

The video card is inserted into the graphics card slot on the motherboard. The higher the RAM memory, memory, and core speed of the graphics cards, the better the image quality you will get. When choosing a graphics card, it will be useful to choose a product that will meet your needs. Below, we have listed some of the things you should pay attention to when choosing a video card.

There are two major brands that produce GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) for the graphics card. These are Nvidia and AMD. Video card chipset refers to the series of Nvidia and AMD brands. The GTX 1080 is a model of Nvidia, RX 480 AMD. The higher the model, the higher the performance.

Another feature, Ram capacity, is the area where the graphics card stores the information that will be projected on the monitor. A 4 GB video card will store more information in its memory than a 2 GB graphics card, and this is directly related to the speed of the computer. Asus’ RX460 2 GB graphics card may be an example. The memory interface also plays an important role in the selection of the graphics card. This refers to the bus width. The bus width expresses how many bits of data pass when the transfer is provided, and the larger the bus, the better and faster the image will be reflected on the monitor. A graphics card with a 256-bit memory interface feature can perform faster than a 128-bit graphics card. Ram capacity,

There are memory types such as GDDR3, GDDR5. With the advancement of technology, more powerful graphics cards are introduced to meet the needs. Accordingly, memory types vary. You can find graphics cards of many brands and models such as Asus, Msi, and Zotac here. High-quality video cards, high graphics processors, and gaming graphics cards with memory are available at Vatan Bilgisayar at affordable prices.

AMD RX 580 8GB Graphics Card Mining

Although it is not a current card, the first graphics card that comes to mind when it comes to mining is of course the RX 580 model. This model has an average transaction volume of 30 MH if you are mining Ethereum. Zero prices in the market are around 6000-7000 TL on average. It can be found as second-hand for around 5000 TL. It should be noted that the RX 580, which is a good graphics card in terms of price-performance due to its high excavation power, is definitely a graphics card that is worth its money when purchased at affordable prices. When we look at the sellers in other countries, I will not go without saying that the RX 580 model has risen more than necessary in our country. If we look at the current prices and if the Ethereum excavation difficulty does not increase, 1 RX 580 model will pay off on average in 6 months.

AMD RX 5600 XT 6GB Graphics Card Mining

Another AMD graphics card is the RX 5600 XT 6 GB model. The digging power of the RX 5600 XT is approximately 42 MH. When we look at the current prices, this model, which is rare in the market, can be purchased around 8000-9000 TL. RX 5600 XT is one of the most preferred graphics cards with its low energy consumption and high excavation power. For example, instead of 4 RX 580s, it will be more advantageous for you to buy 3 RX 5600 XT models and mine. Since the RX 5600 XT is an up-to-date graphics card, you can choose it instead of the RX 580, as it is a graphics card that you can dispose of with less damage during the period when the crypto money income decreases.

AMD RX 5700 XT 8GB Graphics Card Mining

AMD RX 5700 XT model graphics card is one of the most preferred models in mining. When we look at the current prices, it has prices between 12,000-15,000 TL. The second-hand condition is around 8500-10000 TL. The excavation power of the AMD RX 5700 XT 8GB model is approximately 54 MH. The RX 5700 XT 8GB, a card we can recommend for those who are just starting this business, is currently between 13,000-14,500 TL. Another reason we recommend the up-to-date graphics card is that you can close this gap with minimum loss when mining revenues decrease or you have to sell urgently.

Nvidia Geforce 1660 Super-Ti 6GB Graphics Card Mining

1660 S or Ti series graphics cards are also one of the most frequently used cards in cryptocurrency mining due to their low power consumption and digging power of 30 MH. We can say that the card, whose performance is almost the same as the RX 580, is one step ahead of the RX 580s due to the game performance, power consumption and Nvidia infrastructure. These graphics cards, which you can easily find buyers between the RX 5500-5600 XT series due to their gaming performance, are also suitable for mining. When it comes to prices, the 1660 s model, which is around 6000 TL, will not upset you in the mining field to choose the 1660 Super or Ti models, which were released a year ago, instead of the RX 580, which came out at exorbitant prices 4 years ago.

Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB Video Card Mining

The 1060 series graphics cards with 6GB ram, which we need to confuse with the 1060 3GB model, also reach 22 MH digging power. The 1060 6GB zero models are not available on the market at the moment. The second-hand status of the 1060 series, which is a fairly old graphics card, is currently between 3000-4000 TL. The most important point to note here is, for example, the price of 4 second-hand RX 580 8 GB is approximately 20 thousand TL. 4 RX 580 excavation power average 120 MH. We can buy 6 units of 1060 for a budget of 20 thousand TL. We take 132 MH as excavation power. It can be used instead of the RX580 without a second-hand warranty. The RX 580 models, which are currently sold second-hand on the internet, may have previously crossed with mining. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, you can go for the GTX 1060 6 GB model.

Nvidia RTX 3080 Graphics Card Mining

RTX 3080, one of the graphics cards with the highest excavation power in the market, attracts attention with its ultra-expensive price, excavation power and high energy consumption. Most of those who are mining abroad has reached the level to set up a farm from this graphics card. Considering that 100 MH rigs are sold in our country, you can have approximately 100 MH excavation power with the RTX 3080 graphics card alone. The market of this graphics card, which is in the price range of 25.000-28.000 TL, is a bit scary. Although it is not preferred much when comparing performance and price, we think that it is a product that will not lose its value not only for mining but also in other cases.

In addition to the best graphics cards to be mined, if you have models to add, you can share them with us in the comments section.

It is said in Bitcoin exchanges and groups that the high amounts from mining will decrease in the next two months and the mining business will lose its attractiveness. Since graphics cards are among the most important parts of computers, it is useful to choose carefully, if you are going to buy second-hand, at least if you are going to invest a certain budget in this business, it is useful to consult a person who is as knowledgeable about hardware as possible. All of these suggestions are related to the choice of the graphics card and are not investment advice.

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